Saturday, April 16, 2011 BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY

Among the 10 prizes are : CHOOSE YOUR PRIZES NOW!Joint at your Facebook account.

*  iPad 2

*  IKEA Room Makeover

*  2 tickets to watch Maroon 5 live in Kuala Lumpur

*  Two (2) round-trip tickets Krabi via Air Asia

*  RM500 Zara Shooping Voucher

*  (X2) RM100 Cash in

*  RM 50 worth of Groupon Vouchers

*  RM 50 Starbucks Voucher

Shashin Justin Bieber

Handsome anak mat saleh ni, peminat punyalah ramai. Kat Malaysia lagi ramai berebut-rebut nak beli tiket dia. Joint TuneTalk.